Media and Other Insanity


The so called main stream media is completely obsessed with President Trump. They literally hate the man. They grab onto anything that will somehow marginalize him. It’s been proven over and again, that if they can’t find anything bad to report, they just make it up. The negativity is staggering. Over 90% of the reporting by the main stream media is negative. The Democrats and their media accomplices have thrown everything they can and think of, at the President, and he is still standing. As a matter of fact, he is getting a lot of his agenda done, in spite of this barrage that is thrown at him daily. Jimmy Carter lamented recently that he can’t believe what President Trump has had to endure. It appears that the President plays the media perfectly. He puts out a few tweets, the media is fixated on them for a couple of days, while he goes about his business unencumbered by constant scrutiny of his actions.


I didn’t know much about Bannon before the election. I knew he was part of Breitbart News, but I never read any of his articles. From all accounts he is pretty far right. I have never been impressed by any of his speeches or comments. He looks like he needs to be hosed down with some sort of disinfectant and given a new suit of clothes. He would go totally unnoticed in a homeless camp. If he used a shopping cart in lieu of a briefcase he would look totally natural. Obviously the only loyalty he has is to money. I predict he will fade into oblivion, nobody wants someone around them they can’t trust. He obviously can’t be trusted.


Anyone that has been paying attention to the Clintons at least 25% of the time knows that these people area as crooked as a manzanita branch. They have gone from one scrape to another without as much as a scratch. It’s now an established fact that she was involved in money laundering in the Presidential election. Have you heard anyone reporting that? She high jacked the entire Democrat primaries. Have you heard anybody talking about that. The FBI was willing to turn a blind eye to her illegal email server, and mishandling of classified documents. Also willing to ignore the bad behavior of her staff. The media so wants these stories to go away, they are making their favorite lady look bad. Well, today we learned the DOJ and the FBI are taking a fresh look at this stuff. We will see if their Teflon coating has worn off now that they don’t have any further influence.