JOE BIDEN: 79 year old man in cognitive decline, an avid plagiarist, liar, and willing to bend the law for self, and family enrichment. Has always been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision his entire career.

  • Opposed school busing for desegregation in the 1970’s,
  • Voted for a measure outlawing gay marriage in the 1990’s
  • Voted as an ally to the banking and credit card industries
  • Chaired the committee to support Anita Hill allegations against Clarence Thomas
  • He openly praised Sen. Strom Thurmond a known KKK high ranking member.

In my opinion, Joe Biden is a “go along to get along” guy, with no real commitments of his own except for those that can put money in his pocket. It was clear in the early days of the primaries that the moderate Democrats didn’t support him. Bernie Sanders was clearly outpacing him in the west, supported by younger more progressive voters. The only thing that saved him was the panic inside the Democrat party, terrified that they were going to end up with “Bolshevik Bernie”. The black voters in the south rallied to save him, and in the end handed him the Democrat nomination. Let’s be clear, Joe Biden didn’t win the primary fair and square, or the general election.

After the primaries and during the presidential campaign, it was absolutely clear, that Joe was not up to the task. The Democrats would not allow him to be seen, or heard for any appreciable length of time, terrified of what he may say. As hard as they tried, they were unable to control his many gaffes.

The Democrats just needed a candidate with at least some legitimacy, so they could get back in the White House and oust the big bad “orange man”. It was never a question for the Democrats whether or not Joe was up to the task, their plan from the start was to staff the cabinet with all of the old Obama people, and use Joe as a “front man.” Joe only does what his staff allows him to do. Every statement he makes is very well scripted. Recently during a few public appearances, he has veered off the script and started telling tall tales about his experiences that never happened.

If there is anything at all comforting in this, it’s the fact that we all know we were “punked”. Joe Biden only won because of manipulation of the electoral system. The United States Government overruled the voters, pretty much it, in a nutshell.

KAMALA HARRIS: An empty shell of a person, a hundred times worse that Joe Biden. Couldn’t make it past the third round of the debates. The people of her home state of California don’t like her. She can only speak using “buzz words” and cliches. She recently did an interview with CBS and was literally unable to respond in a coherent manner regarding the question of inflation. The only reason she is the VP is her gender and ethnicity. I’m not alone in that assessment, it is a widely known fact. Her rise to the top in her career is also controversial, having an affair with then married Willy Brown, a prominent California politician, then being appointed to important positions. In my opinion she is a person of no substance. There is an old term for a person, getting by without actually knowing anything called ” winging it”. An apt description for Kamala.

My only hope is that we can get by for the next three years without either one of these dumbasses getting us into some catastrophic situation due to their ignorance. God Bless the USA and the loyal patriots that never give up hope.

This is my last blog of 2021, and I want to thank all of my readers and followers for their support. Wishing all of you the very best for the New Year, especially health, and prosperity.



  1. Thank you as well for your unrelentless attacks on the leftist halfwits. Who knows how much impact we will eventually have in our efforts to “right the ship”, but we can’t be blamed for sitting on our hands. Wishing you a great New Year, with peace, happiness and joy. God Bless.


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