MARCH 8, 2021 VOLUME 12

ANDREW CUOMO: Now ain’t this interesting that the Democrats are finding themselves in this dilemma? Their poster boy, their chosen one, the Trump destroyer is now nothing more than a chump. Nobody wants him around anymore, even the Democrats. He was useful at one point in time when they were trying to get rid of Trump, now Trump is gone. It’s clear that he is responsible for thousands dying in the nursing homes, and he’s a serial sexual bully. Actually he is a bully most of the time. But the really sad part of this story, is that killing old people by the thousands just doesn’t raise anyone’s ire, but sexual harassment, that’s the hot ticket. So as more and more women come forth, the ceiling is about to come crashing down on Andrew’s head. But I am perplexed as to why the deaths of thousands of seniors doesn’t seem to register on the ” oh shit, that’s bad ” list. I am left to conclude that when our seniors are admitted to nursing homes, they’re as good as dead anyway, so who cares. I really need for someone to tell me I’m wrong here, since I am really old myself. Maybe I’m being a bit insensitive here, but I think killing someone is a lot worse than stealing a kiss or copping a feel. Just sayin’.

DON LEMON: I was going to insert a picture of good ol’ Don, but couldn’t find one of a black clown. I’m trying to remember seeing a black clown. Actually, I’ve seen a lot of black clowns, I mean a black clown with grease paint on his face. After I wrote that, I thought, how would you know. Maybe I have seen a black clown and didn’t know it. OK, enough silliness. Don Lemon says Meghan Markle’s racism claim against the Royal Family ” rings very true “. How the hell does Don Lemon know anything about the Royal Family? He’s too busy looking for cute boy bartenders. Don Lemon is an idiot, the guy that puts gas in my car is smarter, way smarter. So this paragraph officially earned me the title of a raciest homophobe. Actually I’m neither one, I just happen to be free to say whatever comes into my head, whether anyone likes it or not. So I do.

REP. MACE: Claims that Senate Democrats are trying to ‘silence dissent’. Gee, that’s observant Rep. Mace. She also just discovered that most Democrats are liars. Next she’s going to realize that Nancy Pelosi is bat shit crazy.

MEGHAN AND HARRY: Absolutely, the worse of the worse. The level of stupidity between these halfwits is beyond comprehension. Meghan is happiest when she is causing family mayhem. She is now 2 and O. Harry’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. I think he is secretly holding grudges against the Royal family for how they treated his Mom. The burning question is why does he want to punish his brother? Oprah has digressed to the level of Jerry Springer.

SCHOOL TEACHERS: Wow, remember when teachers were revered as special and admired individuals? Not so much anymore, they have been exposed as just more swamp creatures. UTLA teachers have been warned not to post vacation pictures on social media, as the unions are battling to keep them off the job, citing Covid-19 as the reason. The union says that vacation pictures could hurt their argument that it’s unsafe to return to the classroom.

Over five days of voting 24,580 ballots were received, 91% voting yes to continue refusing to return to the classrooms. John Burke, the public communications director for Kevin Faulconer, for the Governor, said ” The union’s decision to condone international vacations while keeping students out of the classrooms is so hypocritical you would think Gavin Newsome thought of it himself”.

I was a teacher in the Los Angeles School District years ago, and I’m sorry to say, that I have lost all respect for teachers. They are just more useless government drones. They have become left wing indoctrinators, ramming politics down the throats of our kids, while neglecting to teach them life skills they can use to succeed. Public Schools are a joke.

JOE BIDEN: If you notice, I did not write President Biden. Joe is not really running the country, Ron Klain is. I noticed today that Acting President Klain, has allowed Joe to have a news conference soon. I am anxiously awaiting that event. Not to hear what Joe has to say, but to see how it is staged. Joe had an event on Women’s Day, it didn’t go well, Joe forgot the names of his staff members.

So, how does this work? Joe signed an executive fiat allowing transgender males to participate in women’s sports, literally crushing any chance for women to win, then two weeks later holds an event honoring women? He literally destroyed the pride and dignity of women, and not one peep from the so called ‘women’s rights’ people. This is all really confusing to me. The Democrats say one thing, then do the exact opposite. Hillary Clinton is always running off at the mouth about women’s rights, where the hell is she? The only explanation is, they are all opportunistic liars.

I have never seen such lying and hypocrisy in my entire life, from this group of nut balls. I’m so tired of hearing about race, racism, and people of color, it’s making me sick to my stomach. How about we just refer to everyone as humans, or men, or women. These people are mentally demented, and they are trying to inflict it on the rest of us. This whole notion that children have the abilities to decide they want to change their sex is absurd. Let’s be honest, when a child is having thoughts about sex, those thoughts are being planted in their heads by sicko parents.

I have never been happier about being really old. Stay strong dear conservatives, don’t give up the fight, the victory is worth it.


2 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS OF THE NEWS

  1. Totally agree. There is so much craziness going on right now, which you covered in your blog, that I feel what’s the point of even writing about it any longer. We are outnumbered by crazies. Yes, I’m glad I’m old too. Rest homes are usually when your kids or spouse can no longer care for you, so people like Cuomo think they are disposable. From toy store’s blending girls with boys to who cares about Merkle to the border madness it’s hard to turn on the news. We warned the libs but now they are getting what they paid for. Insanity.


  2. Watching these people operate is like watching the chimps at the L.A. Zoo. Same level of focus and intelligence. Thank you for your comments. Always enjoy your feedback.


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